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Wow... That Was Not Expected...
Nives Conbadge [Ragsolith]
Okay... apparently I have to move. Somehow I did something to make Izzy angry at fursuit bowling? I don't know what the fuck... but he is being childish as hell. He is kicking me out of the house because of it.

What the fuck ever. I'm rather tired of this anyways. Until he makes the mental shift and grows up, things would stay the same. I was hoping on the chance that he indeed would change soon... but I guess it wasn't soon enough. I'm tired of always being worried about him getting angry and doing exactly this... for whatever reason. Well, hah, now I don't have to worry about it!

After a good bit of searching... I've decided that my only real option is to stay with my mom. I just called her tonight, and made the arrangements, so I am going to be going down there to live... for who knows how long. It could be a few weeks, or a few months... I can't say. I think it's going to be rather interesting though. Things seem to be working out rather well, in spite of everything.

Lol, would this qualify as one of those "I need a drink" moments? I've certainly taken a fancy to simply one shot of their cherry brandy in a day. At least when I do drink, it's never to get drunk. I hope that never changes.

When I move to my mother's, I don't know if and how much internet access I am going to have, though I will do what I can to stay online as much as I can. I know my T-Mobile phone doesn't work down there, so I wouldn't have a way to connect via phone, text, or mobile IM. I am going to miss talking to everyone up here!! At least this is not permanent though. When I can I am going to come back to live up here, perhaps with another furry friend, or perhaps with someone I find on Craig's List. Either way... I must move back to Kennesaw. I've got too much up here that I don't want to leave behind for long.

*Sigh* I am actually content right now. I'm physically, emotionally, and mentally drained as all hell, but I'm content with that thigs are working out alright.

I hope I will be able to post again soon, I really do. I'm afraid to leave my friends like this.

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Fursuit bowling just by itself sounds like enough to make anyone angry.

Well, it seems to me like it would be hard.

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