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Nives Conbadge [Ragsolith]
I need some help. I am probably going to have to post all around, and link this entry everywhere until I find what I need. I don't have a choice anymore.

To put it bluntly, I need a place to go. I need a place I can live, that will help me move towards my own life. I need someone who will be willing and able to help me right now, when I need it most. Ever since I left my father's house six months ago, I've not had any ground to stand on. I've been suspended in mid air, with no idea which way is up or down. I don't even know where the ground is. All I keep trying to do is find something I can call stable to stand on, so I can move forward with my life; it's all been illusion though.

I need someone's help. I'm only 19 years old... and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm living on my own without any experience or knowledge on how to do so. My only real teacher, my father, was as much my teacher as my enemy as he was mentor. I don't have any family left to fall back on. I don't have anyone to fall back on. I don't have anything. I don't have a car, a job, or anything. I'm falling down, and all I've been given is a pad to land on, and the words "Good luck or get out".

I need someone to catch me. Never once have I cried out for help like this... but I can't keep doing this. I CAN'T DO THIS ON MY OWN! I don't know how to! I need someone who will be able to catch me, set my feet on the ground, and show my what I need to know. I need a place where I can rest my head for a while, and recover from this fall, before getting back up and pushing forward.

During this entire 6 months of leaving, I have not had any time to rest and recover from everything that has been happening. I've been helping people when they need it, but no one is helping me. I need someone that I can hold me up when I finally collapse. I need someone who is going to be there for me... and let me know things are going to be alright.

Please, someone... anyone... please help me. I can't do this on my own... net yet. All I need is stable ground to stand on, and someone to show me what I need to know in order to make it on my own; I've not had anything like that for 6 months... and it's showing.

Please, someone save me. I can't do this...

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hmmff.. you could come to my home..since sis move out we have an spare the whole basement(and is huge)...bad thing... am like 5.000 Km away from there -v-;;;

Well, there's still my offer, Nives. We'd probably have to work something out about rent and bills and such, though, and I'd have to talk with my roommate. We don't let people stay for free, sadly.

Heyy man. Long time no talk and I'm really sorry to hear that things aren't going that well for you right now. I really wish I could offer you a place to stay, but I can't, but I will tell you right now that I am here if you need some one to talk to. I can somewhat relate to what you are going through right now because I have never in my life been in a stable house hold. Up until a month ago or so, I moved every half a year to a year. So I promise you that I can relate and you can talk to me anytime about it. :) I really hope things get better for you, SOON. I am confused though; I know you moved, but you moved away from your dad? Who do you live with now?

<3 Bethany

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